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From specialty yarns and fire protection to gaskets, heat shields and insulation blankets and jackets, the McAllister Mills brand of performance is trusted to provide optimum solutions.

Insulation Fabrics – McAllister Mills is the authority on high-temperature flexible materials, including tapes, ropes and sewing threads.

Thermal Products – Our wide range of thermal products includes heat shields and exhaust systems for OEM or aftermarket uses, molten metal filters, sleeving, heat trace blankets, and absorbent mats. 

Custom insulation jackets – Our removable cover systems are tailored for the contours of your equipment, because a precision fit means premium performance.

Engineered textile products – Our technical team has expertise producing and developing many different types of fibers, helping to deliver quality, performance and innovation to our customers.


Our thermal materials and removable covers are playing important roles around the world in extreme environments across a variety of industrial sectors.

OEM Transportation – From TREO vibration-resistant insulation to Ricochet reflective textiles and basalt fiber sleeving, we design optimum heat shields and insulation solutions for the world’s leading engine manufacturers of heavy-duty and passenger vehicles.

Power Generation – Throughout our 20+ years serving the power generation sector, McAllister Mills has helped customers with high-temperature solutions for everything from OE gas turbines and boiler gaskets to penetration seals and expansion joints.

Petrochemical Drilling & Refining – Chemical and petrochemical applications require the full spectrum of thermal solutions and extreme performance characteristics. From corrosion resistance to reliability in chemical and thermal environments, we manufacture best-in-class flexible textile composites.


“McAllister Mills will continue to use our technical expertise and decades of manufacturing experience to develop new materials and finished products that best meet the unique needs of our clients.”

We’re going where you’re headed. Our precision-engineered thermal products are designed for a wide range of industries and applications; however, as your needs evolve, so do our innovative solutions. Our team isn’t limited by what we’ve done before. We use cutting-edge textile technology to expand what is possible, designing novel solutions with customizable performance characteristics to meet your current and future requirements.

“Our 40+ years of experience allow us to look at our customers’ needs with fresh eyes, help rethink material choices, and recommend innovative, customized solutions.”

– Alec McAllister
CEO, McAllister Mills

Industrial Insulation Products for Any Application

From cryogenics to 2300°F, a full range of glass, rock, basalt, Fiberglass Plus+, and silica fabrics.

Woven fabrics offer the toughest textiles for high-temperature applications. From standard weave patterns for general industrial applications to fabrics woven with our exclusive stop-tear patterns, we design textiles with purpose. Combining in-house weaving technology with a full range of high-temperature fibers gives us the ability to meet almost any high-temperature application.

Insulation Blankets

McAllister Mills maximizes insulation blanket performance by using a full breadth of high temperature, high-performance fibers.

Different applications require different fiber properties. From cryogenics to over 2000°F/1100°C, we select from glass, basalt, silica, and rock fibers. Only non-carcinogenic fibers are used in our products. 

Custom Insulation Jackets

With our heat-insulating jackets, precision means performance.

Our removable cover systems are designed to the shape and contour of your equipment. Excessive thermal energy losses are avoided with our 3-D cover designs that produce a tailored fit without gaps and hot spots. From advanced thermal modeling, we create an optimized composite build that delivers the lowest possible cost while hitting thermal loss targets.


Tapes that deliver high cover factor and on spec thickness for durable performance.

Woven tapes offer the sturdiest textiles for high temperatures. From standard weave patterns for general industrial applications to tapes woven with our exclusive twill, we design textiles with purpose. Combining in-house weaving technology with a full range of high-temperature fibers gives us the ability to meet almost any high-temperature application.

Industrial Braided Sleeving & Tubing

Sleeving or braided tubing offers endless or not sewn tubes for quick installation and protection.

We manufacture sleeving from most any fiber for abrasion protection to high-temperature insulation.

Fiberglass and Silicon Insulation Rope Seals

Rope seals for channel and door enclosures.

Many standard rope seal sizes and shapes are available for sealing channels, doors, and troughs.

High-Temperature Sewing Threads

From glass to aramid to basalt to stainless steel, we have sewing threads for almost any application.

McAllister Mills can provide sewing threads that are plain or lubed for maximum efficiency. Our sewing threads can withstand temperatures from 500°F/325°C to over 2300°F/1200°C. Consult with our customer service team to find the right thread for your applications.

Molten Metal Filters

Maxsil® Tex

Molten metal filter screens that collect contaminants

Maxsil® HS-3000 molten metal filters are manufactured from 96% amorphous silica fiber that has been coated with a phenolic resin. They offer a pouring temperature of 3000°F/1620°C. They also offer pour rates with a 10-25% reduction as compared to unfiltered castings and castings loads up to 300kg. McAllister Mills’ molten metal filters are an economical alternative to foamed ceramic filters or honeycomb ceramic filters. They are available in sheets to be cut to size or can be precut to specific dimensions.

Industrial High-Temperature Sealing Solutions

A wide array of materials are available to solve simple, complex, or custom sealing applications.

McAllister Mills offers a variety of solutions for high-temperature sealing of industrial process equipment, ovens, furnaces, boilers, and more. With over forty years of experience in this area, our staff can help fine-tune your demands for finding the best material for your application. Often applications include specific chemical environments, service temperatures, and other process parameters. Many of our sealing solutions are based on fabric, coated or not. These fabrics can be coated with PTFE, silicone, natural rubber, and much more to provide the best material for your requirements.

Heat Shields

Best-in-class heat shields for thermal performance and durability.

McAllister Mills’ high-performance heat shields combine expert engineering and mixed media of high-temperature materials fabricated into both flexible sewn and metal encapsulated heat shielding.

Over the past two years, McAllister Mills has been adding capital equipment to become a vertically integrated supplier of finished heat shields. We have added capabilities to make metal 3-D heat shields that work with our textile-based engineered solutions. From fiber production to fabrication, every aspect of the manufacturing process takes place in our Virginia-based facilities, which expedites speed-to-market for both development work and deliveries. 

In addition to stainless steel shields, we also offer metal encapsulated heat shields made with durable aluminum sheeting. The sheeting features a dimpled pattern that ensures easier formation around radial surfaces, while also adding rigidity and improved heat reflection. McAllister Mills’ metal heat shields are available in a 5mm basalt mat that offers service temperatures up to 1200°F/648°C and chemical resistance. Mats (7mm) made from Treo® 2000 provide thermal protection up to 1800°F/982°C, and ultrathin glass mats (3.2mm) are excellent for tight fit tolerances. 

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