Electromagnetic shielding is a way to achieve EMC compliance and avoid threats such as EMI/EMP.

Shielding is a method to protect sensitive equipment from electromagnetic disturbances.

You reduce electromagnetic signals and block the field with barriers made of conductive and/or magnetic materials.

Shielding also works the other way round.

It prevents electromagnetic signals and fields from leaving a shielded area.

You can protect sensitive information from wiretapping or keep disturbances generated by power generation inside a shielded area to ensure emission limits.


The Company’s Core competitiveness

  • Microwave Devices, Antennas and RF Passive Components
  • Wireless Communication Test Solutions
  • Satellite Navigation Product Test Solutions


  • MikroTRONiK is your one source for RF/MW/mmW Shield Boxes and RF Enclosures.
  • MikroTRONiK is the answer to your wireless testing needs for off-the-shelf RF Shield Box and RF Enclosures when you need reliable RF shielding with a RF Shield Box or RF Enclosure construction to produce repeatable results.
  • Shielded Boxes / Racks can be produced in any size.



  • Continue to meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations.
  • Became the leader in RF and Microwave Passive Components, Wireless communications products and satellite navigation products testing industry in Asia Pacific.
  • Industry Serving the Country and Making Contributions to Society
  • Continuing company’s earnings growth to safeguard the interests of shareholders.
  • Improve staff welfare and create the best employer image.