Anti-Slip, Freeze Thaw, De-icing

FloorShield-FT – Hardener, Densifier with anti-scale and Freeze-Thaw Protection
Clear breathable, penetrating surface applied  liquid that hardens, strengthens and protects concrete surfaces from freeze thaw and scaling
FloorShield-DI – De-Icer
Industrial strength de-icer with a very low freezing point of -62°C
FloorShield-AS – Anti-Static
High quality, water borne two pack epoxy system, environmentally friendly
FloorShield-AS+ – Anti-Static+Anti-Slip
Same as FloorShield AS but with the added benefit of Anti-Slip within the coating, Aesthetically pleasing with no grit or metal additive, usually found in Anti-Slip coatings
FloorShield 1533 – Anti-Static Mats
Interlocking Anti-Static Mats, hard wearing and anti-fatigue, suitable for temporary applications as can be just lifted and removed.

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