EURO TBA Protective Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd is an eminent product design and system engineering company focused on the electromagnetic interference (EMI) domain.

Focused on utilizing innovative technology to develop and manufacture EMI Shielding products and Anti-static products for use in the Defence/Military, Space/Aerospace, Electronics Industry, ATEX Handling, Food Processing, Medical and Electro-Mechanical industries.

Our expertise stems from our commitment and investment in R&D in the areas of Static Control, Polymers and Coatings, EMI Shielding and Magnetic Detectables.

  • The very first mobile ‘phones Orbitals and Ericssons, were coated with materials developed by TBAPS
  • EMI Shielding parts for BAE’s Eurofighter jet, supplied by TBAPS
  • Shielding gaskets produced by TBAPS have been used in the housing of video monitors in the back of seats in planes.
  • Satellite dishes have been coated with our specially developed coatings
  • Anti-static body pads, supplied into the medical industry
  • TBAPS launched the very first, commercially viable product to harness the unique properties of graphene in a sprayable transparent conductive coating, which safeguards equipment used in explosive ATEX environments
  • Our most recent developments are the production of Anti-Static Floor Mats and a fire barrier for use in the Construction Industry, FortaFire

Products we design and manufacture:

  • Beryllium Copper (BeCu) fingerstrips
  • Stainless Steel fingerstrips as an alternative to Beryllium Copper (BeCu)
  • Fabric Over Foam
  • Conductive Gaskets
  • Metal loaded rubbers Moulded, extruded and printed elastomers
  • Knitted and woven wire mesh gaskets
  • EMI shielding windows
  • ITO Coated windows
  • EMI shielding vents
  • EMI Shielding Tapes
  • RF/Microwave/mmWave Components

Our team, both in India and the UK have extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of EMI Shielding and Anti-Static products, and we are dedicated, to providing solutions to any EMI Shielding or Anti-Static concerns your company may have.

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