Anti Static Coatings

TBA manufacture a wealth of products to prevent static damage including anti static work stations, a comprehensive range of anti static, conductive storage boxes and bins in plastic or cardboard, matting, heel straps, grounding kits and static audits.

Static Control

Used in the electronic industry TBA Protective Solutions range of anti static products protects against harmful electro static discharge (ESD) into electrostatic sensitive devices.

ESD occurs when differently charged objects come together causing a spark and it is this spark, which may not be seen or heard, that causes damage to the very sensitive electronic devices used in many of today’s electronic products.

ESD can cause dramatic harmful effects such as explosions in hazardous manufacturing areas such as coal mines, petrochemical industries and flour mills and can damage components in circuit boards causing failures and returns.

Electronics manufacturers protect their components by establishing static safe areas known as Electrostatic Discharge Protected Areas (EPA) which can be individual work stations or a complete factory.

The area will ensure that all personnel are grounded and any static charge on ESD devices is controlled.  Devices also need to be protected during handling, storage and shipping.  

TBA manufacture a wealth of products to prevent static damage including anti static work stations, a comprehensive range of anti static, conductive storage boxes and bins in plastic or cardboard, matting, heel straps, grounding kits and static audits.

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Anti-Static Solutions


These materials are designed to comply with electrical requirements of Section 5.2.3 BS IEC 61340-5.1:2016.

The benefits of TBA’s matting are:-

  • Excellent heat/chemical resistance – all solder temperatures
  • Durable/flexible with good lay flat properties
  • 1.25mm thick Mats and rolls cut to any size
  • Easy to wipe clean

Anti-Static Conductive Neoprene Matting

  • ECP 1500 Anti Static Conductive Neoprene Matting 1.25mm thick, roll form 30m max. 
  • ECP 1506 Anti Static Conductive Neoprene Matting 1.2mm x 0.6mm x 1.25mm

Two Ply Blue/Black Anti-Static Dissipative Matting

  • ECP 1525 Two Ply Blue/Black Anti Static Dissipative Matting 1.25mm thick, roll form 30m max.
  • ECP 1527 Two Ply Blue/Black Anti Static Dissipative Matting 1.2mm x 0.6mm x 1.25mm thick

Magnetically Detectable PVC Nitrile

ECP 1520/DET Magnetic Detectable PVC Nitrile Matting Roll Form

  • 1.5mm thick – 30m max
  • 3.0mm thick – 10m max
  • 5.0mm thick – 10m max 

A range of flexible electro static protective (ESP) work surfaces, the kits can be combined with ECP 1400 grounding products.

  • ECP 1550 Anti Static Work Station Kit
    • 2 x Conductive Black Mats 1.2mm x 0.6mm x 1.25mm thick with grounding kit. 
  • ECP 1553Anti Static Work Station Kit – Two Ply Blue/Black Static Dissipative Kit
    • 1 x ECP 1506 Conductive Neoperene Mat 1.2mm x 0.6mm x 1.25mm thick
    • 1 x ECP 1527 Anti Static – Two Ply Blue/Black Static Dissipative Mat 1.2mm x 0.6mm x 1.25mm thick with grounding kit. 
  • ECP 1555 Anti Static Field Service Kit
    • Mat and carrying pouch
    • (Grounding products available separately)
  • ECP 1555 BT Anti Static Field Service Kit
    • Mat and carrying pouch, Velcro fastening
    • (Grounding products available separately)
  • ECP 1556 Anti Static Field Service Kit
    • Mat and pouch and grounding kit 
  • ECP 1555/Mini Kit
    • 12″ x 14″ Anti Static Dissipative Mat, wristband, grounding cord



A high quality water borne two pack epoxy system. Environmentally friendly, it offers the advantages of low odour, and easy cleaning of equipment with water.

ECP 526 Anti Static Conductive Epoxy paint finds application in areas such as floor coatings particularly where the previous coating is unknown as solvent will attack many coatings causing them to lift.


Typical installations include :

  • Electrical industry.
  • Petrol/ Chemical industries.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Hospitals.
  • Food Industry- Machinery and surfaces.
  • And many other industrial uses.

ECP 526 Anti Static Conductive Epoxy paint exhibits excellent mechanical properties which will withstand abrasion and impact, as well as giving good resistance to a wide range of chemicals including: Oils, Fats, Solvents, Acids and Alkalis.

The electrical properties of the paint are permanent and independent of humidity, additionally a conductive underlay is not required for grounding the system.

Additionally ECP 526 Anti Static Conductive Epoxy provides the option of directly grounding racking/shelving used for storing ESSD’S to the floor.

For personnel grounding applications the product is best used in conjunction with suitable electrostatic dissipative footwear, e.g. ECP 1450 series anti static foot straps.


Technical data

  •  Solids Approx. 56%
  • Flash Point N/A.
  • Specific Gravity1.35 g/cm3
  • Viscosity 2.3 poise ICI cone and plate
  • Storage 6 months in original sealed containers
  • Pot life 1 hour @ 20 °C.
  • PH 8.0
  • Firm dry16 hours
  • Hard dry 3 days
  • 2 pack mixing ratio 4:1 (4 parts water base epoxy to 1 part hardener )
  • Cleaning Use warm soapy water before cure complete.
  • Thinning If require thin with approx. 10-20 % of water (thin after mixing the two parts).
  • Colour Range Light Grey. (Other colours available subject to agreement on shade and minimum quantities
  • Surface Resistance  <10 W per square @ two coats


Grounding is best executed by means of a non-oxidising metal plate, bolted to the floor. Contact resistance is significantly reduced if a conductive rubber pad is used in addition to the metal plate top. The grounding plate can then be led to earth via a bonding point and ground cord. ECP 1440/500 Anti Static Grounding Kit is available as a standard product for this application.


The base paint must be thoroughly mixed to ensure complete dispersion of the conductive medium. Hardener should be thoroughly mixed into the base paint in the ratio 4 parts of base paint to 1 part hardener. Typically, a 4.0 litre pack of paint can be mixed with a 1.0 litre pack of the hardener.

The coating can be applied by either brush or roller.


The painted floor should be kept clean to avoid soiling shielding the electrostatic conductive properties of the floor, therefore a regular cleaning regime should be implemented using non abrasive and non aggressive techniques.

Regular checks of the grounding arrangements should also be carried out.


As with all paints it is suggested that a small trial be performed before the complete area is coated and when dry tested for adhesion, appearance and resistance.

 It is recommended that a sealer is used on floors before coating ECP 526 and that these following preparations are undertaken

 NEW CONCRETE : In the case of newly laid concrete, it is important that the concrete has been allowed to dry out for a minimum of 28 days before considering applying a concrete sealer, moisture content should be below 6%.

 The main problem with new floors is the weak surface layer (laitence).

This water rich top layer forms during the drying out period and is mechanically weak.

The laitence has a chemical composition different to the rest of the concrete. The surface should therefore be acid etched to remove the laitence.

OLD CONCRETE: Remove all oils, grease, dirt etc. together with the removal of old or failed coating to ensure a sound base. In order to ensure good adhesion and long-term performance of the coating, it is essential that the correct type of surface preparation is carried out.

The following are recognised methods: –

ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING: Should always be the first choice for heavy duty systems, if conditions allow.

SCARIFYING:(or “scrabbling”) – Rotating wheels and brushes scour the concrete surface.

ACID ETCHING: This method is most suited for use on new concrete floors and is used to remove laitence, it will not remove old paint, oil or grease. It should only be used where sufficient drainage exists to allow the water and acid solutions to be removed safely.

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