About Euro TBA Protective Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Euro TBA Protective Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of TBA Electro Conductive Products Limited, UK., (Trading name TBA Protective Solutions)

We are an eminent product design and system engineering company focused on the electromagnetic interference (EMI) domain.

Focused on utilizing innovative technology to develop and manufacture EMI Shielding products and Anti-static products for use in the Defence/Military, Space/Aerospace, Electronics Industry, ATEX Handling, Food Processing, Medical and Electro-Mechanical industries.

Our Company’s history can be traced as far back as 1893 when it all began with the original business Turner Brothers Asbestos (TBA).

TBA Electro Conductive Products, was formed as a management company in 1985, and was based on the foundation of utilising innovative technology to develop and manufacture EMI Shielding products and Anti-static products for use in the Electronics Industry, ATEX Handling, Food Processing, Medical and Defence industries.

Euro TBAPS India, based in Pune, will be working closely with the UK based Team to develop, manufacture and supply, EMI Shielding Solutions to our customers.

We work with a diverse sector of Companies, but in particular, Defence, Aerospace, Electronics and Medical.

With ATEX compliant products, TBAPS is at the forefront of this industry.

Our Teams both in India and the UK have extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of EMI Shielding and Anti-Static products, we are dedicated to working with our customers to provide solutions for any project or issues you may have.


To provide divergent Designs, Manufacture and Supply support to indigenous development & to support upgrades and integration of imported and indigenous systems.


To be an internationally recognized futuristic design solution partners.




Managing Director – India

Technocrat with Management and leadership experience of 30+ years in
various fields of Petrochemical, Process Industries, FMCG and Food, Metals and Engineering Solutions.

Connect – kirandeshpande@tbaps.com


Director – EMC & IT

Former advisor at McKinsey & Co., Mumbai. Dynamic and versatile IT Executive with Management and leadership experience of 40+ years in fields of Telecoms, IT, Manufacturing and Service industries.

Connect – ajaymalwade@tbaps.com


Director of Operations

A Certified Organization Development Professional and empowering leader who designs and supports initiatives for performance and profitability. 20+ years with top organizations in Automotive, Heavy Engineering, advanced materials etc.

Connect – sachiningale@tbaps.com


Director – Electromagnetic Technology

Certified EMC Engineer with 10+ years experience.
Designing of EMI/EMC compatible solutions in fields of Defense, Space, Aerospace and Electrotechnical manufacturing and service industries.

Connect – digvijaypatankar@tbaps.com


Mark J. Lineker

Operations Director – UK

A versatile and diverse Management Professional with a Masters Degree in Physics. 30+ years experience in R&D specializing in Electro Conductive protection, Polymers and Coatings, anti-static compounds and fire protection, across a wide range of Industries, but mainly Defence, Electronics and Aerospace.

David Dewhurst

R&D Manager – UK

Graduate qualified BSc Chemistry with 40+ years experience in textiles coatings and coating techniques. Coating specialities include polymers, binders and treatments in the fields of Defence, Safety Clothing , Civil Engineering, Marine and Aerospace applications. Recent Research projects include development of a new aluminising process, silicone coatings with enhanced fire & thermal protection and intumescent coatings.

Niall M. Lineker

Technical Sales Manager – UK

Connect – NiallLineker@tbaps.com

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