With the increasing need to protect equipment from the damaging and disrupting effects of electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and Signals (Noise), as well as providing protection against surges produced from Solar
flares, Nuclear Weapons and Lightning strikes, our uniquely designed range of modular filters ensure equipment is suitably protected at all times from E1 to E3 Pulses.
MikroTRONiK design and manufacture a complete range of EMI/RFI, EMP/HEMP power line filters.
The standard range is 16A, 32A, 63A, 100A, 250A and 400A supporting facility compliance with the required standards
of MIL-STD-188-125, DEF-STAN 59-188 and NATO AECTP-500.

Bespoke modular designs are available to service high
power cable entries to large buildings up to 1600A and higher.

Designs whose insertion loss performance will be
compliant with NATO TEMPEST standard SDIP-29, and the most stringent GCHQ and NSA TEMPEST specifications can also be offered.

  • The circuit designs of the filters are individual discrete lines for full performance in both common and differential
  • The performance is maintained under all current loading conditions across the full frequency spectrum.
  • The discrete line construction makes the filters fully electrically versatile in respect of connecting to the power supply.
  • The mechanical design of the filters allows them to be installed either outside or inside of an EMP/HEMP protected area.
  • The surge arrestors fitted to the filters makes them suitable for electrical circuits also protecting against the effects of secondary lightning.



  • We are one of the known RFI/EMI power line filter manufacturers in the Global Market.
  • We offer a complete selection of power line filters


  • Used for EMI suppression of all electrical installations and equipment.
  • Shielding performance: 100dB @ 1M – 40GHz (MIL-STD-285)


  • We are one of the known RFI data line filter manufacturers on the market.
  • We offer a complete selection of data line filters.
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