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FortaFire Ultimate Protection

From TBA Protective Solutions.

Intent on technological achievement from the start, TBA Electro Conductive Products was formed as a manufacturing company in 1985, although it can trace its history back to Turner & Newall in the 1920’s and the original business, Turner Brothers Asbestos (TBA), which was founded in 1879. At the start of this century, TBA Industrial Products became a limited company, incorporating the Electro Conductive business, until TBA Electro Conductive Products was separated as a limited company in its own right (2003). Building on its strengths, the cutting edge business that you see today is now known as TBA Protective Solutions.

That is the evolution of the business identity, but it is the company history of pioneering accomplishments and innovative projects that stand out like a beacon within the sector. In the 1980’s the very first mobile phones were protectively coated with material developed by TBAPS. There has been considerable involvement with the Aerospace Industry, for example, the supply of crucial EMI Shielding parts for BAE’s Eurofighter. Shielding gaskets in aircraft have also been used around the boxes that house video monitors in the back of aircraft seating and more recently TBA launched one of the very first, commercially viable products to harness the unique properties of graphene in a sprayable, transparent conductive coating, which safeguards electronic equipment used in explosive ATEX environments.
That is a mere indication of the purpose and strengths of this R&D centred company. 
The Technical and Research Team involved in the development of FortaFire, bring a wealth of  experience from the flexible fire barrier market, resulting in a product range that surpasses its predecessors. With a background in cutting edge technology and innovative project solutions, FortaFire sits well within our portfolio of technically advanced products. 
FortaFire was developed, inspired by the need to have a lightweight, yet robust fire barrier, fully tested and suitable for use world-wide.

FortaFire Cavity Fire Barriers, why and where?

Why cavity fire barriers?

If not contained, a fire will spread rapidly, usually upwards and out into roof void areas, it will quickly develop and spread destroying the whole building. By utilising flexible fire barriers to compartmentate the building, especially the roof voids, into smaller more manageable areas,  you can reduce the risk, by containing the fire for a specified amount of time.


FortaFire flexible fire barriers are specifically used for the purpose of containing fire in a specific area for a given amount of time. They can be used in Commercial or Domestic buildings, and can be installed vertically or horizontally to provide compartmentation, to give occupants of the building sufficient time to escape. and the emergency services to do their job safely, whilst also reducing the risk to passing personnel and nearby buildings.

Where to use FortaFire cavity fire barriers?


Fully Certified to:
BS EN 1364-1 – 120/90
BS EN 1364-1 – 120/60
Fully tested to UL263 – 120/58
FortaFire flexbile fire barriers are commonly used for:
  • Compartmentation of Roof Voids
  • Fire-Rated Ceilings upgrade
  • Under Mezzanines
  • Control zones
  • Extend Fire Walls to roof
  • Party Wall to stop fire break-out
  • Across Corridors
  • Along escape routes
  • Stairwells
  • Risers
  • Segregate loft space (example Social Housing)
  • Loft conversions
  • Movement joints
  • To provide a plenum area
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