Floor Shield

Want to make a statement with your floors?

The FloorShield range of specific concrete floor treatments, offer products that create durable and easy to maintain concrete floors for a variety of markets with products that offer unique strengths and superior performance, when compared to conventional treatments, by utilising Lithium technology within the products.


Product Range

Curing, Hardening & Densification

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FloorShield-C – Paraffin Wax Curing Compound – Non-ionic water-based paraffin wax curing compound, giving superior resistance to water retention in newly laid concrete

FloorShield-HDC – Hardener, Densifier & Curing Compound – Single application hardening, densifying curing compound. One step process with easy final clean-up.

FloorShield-H – Hardener – Fast drying hardener, suitable for newly laid floors

FloorShield-HD – Hardener & Densifier – High solids product, providing maximum hardening. One coat application to new floors

FloorShield-HDS – Hardener & Densifier (Coloured Floors) – Hardening & Densifying product, specifically formulated for coloured floors, to deepen and enhance their appearance

FloorShield-244+ – Salt Protection, Dust Proofing, Hardener, Densifier & Sealer – Hardener and Sealer with hydrophobic properties, giving ideal protection for concrete and masonry surface from damage that can arise as a result of wind driven rain, freeze thaw, moisture, and salt.

FloorShield-IH – Impregnating Hardener – Hardening compound that penetrates deep into the floor, developed for terrazzo, stone and polished concrete.

Surface Wear & Stain Protection

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FloorShield-HP – High Gloss Wear Protection – Coating system designed for harsh and aggressive environments

FloorShield-HPS – High Gloss Stain & Wear Protection – Coating system designed to provide advanced high gloss, stain and wear protection on non-porous, highly polished surfaces of concrete, stone and terrazzo


FloorShield-HG – High Gloss Stain & Wear Protection – Patented technology  giving excellent stain and wear protection with superior sheen and adhesion properties
FloorShield-LG – Low Gloss Stain & Wear Protection – Patented technology giving excellent stain and wear protection with superior sheen and adhesion properties
FloorShield-EXT – Hardener & Protective Coating for External Surfaces – Hardening and protective clear coating, specifically designed to protect exterior floors from ingress by water, oil, salt, dirt and grime.

Alkalinity Control

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FloorShield-AC – Alkalinity Control Formula & Primer – Reduces sweating and efflorescing on floors and acts as a pre-treatment for FloorShield coatings
FloorShield-CN – Concrete Cleaner & Neutraliser – Cleans and neutralises concrete floors suffering from sweating, efflorescence and other alkalinity related problems

High Performance Coatings, Stains & Colours

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FloorShield-LM – Line Marking Paint – Inorganic, low VOC, heavy duty  safety and traffic marking paint, designed for use as a traffic and lane marker for concrete, asphalt and masonry. for both interior and exterior use, such as parking lots, factory floors, lanes and driveways
FloorShield-PCH – Industrial Penetrating Reactive Colour Hardener – Fast drying, durable floor paint for interior surfaces
FloorShield-PPC – Industrial Topcoat Finish & Surface Hardener – High solids, high performance, quick drying, breathable coating for interior and exterior industrial applications. Extremely low in VOC’s, environmentally friendly and very low odour
FloorShield-PPC/HG – Industrial Topcoat Finish & Surface Hardener – Polishable concrete colour hardener that hardens and densifies to produce a highly durable surface when used with FloorShield-HP
FloorShield-WD – Micronized High Performance Waterborne Dye

Cleaning & Restoring

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FloorShield-HPM – High Gloss Stain & Refurbishing Treatment – Cleans and restores the “wet look” to existing floor finishes
FloorShield-DC – Daily Cleaner – Anionic based surfactant cleans and polishes in one operation
FloorShield-CR – Cleaner Restorer – Restores gloss and durability to floors, suitable for cleaning Commercial, Retail and Industrial Concrete Floors as well as vinyl and terrazzo
FloorShield-HPC – High Polish Cleaner  Designed for highly polished floors, innovative surfactant cleaning technology, adds lustre to the floor
FloorShield-PCF – Pore & Micro-Crack Filler – Filler for grinding and polishing concrete floors. Mixes with dust created during grinding. Quick curing mix fills in microcracks, pin holes and air voids to produce a durable surface ready for further treatments of hardeners, stains and dyes

Technical Information

FloorShield tested to ASTM C 799-95 for abrasion resistance.

The results obtained speak volumes Over double the abrasion resistance when compared to a market leading brand.


FloorShield forms a superior protective layer, that is breathable, dense and abrasion resistant as illustrated above. This extends the life expectancy and integrity of the floor whilst creating a stronger, more impenetrable finish, that is dust-proof and highly resistant to staining and deterioration. 


Floors treated with FloorShield, come with lower maintenance costs, specifically in high footfall/traffic areas, over traditional products. They also eliminate the need for waxing and applying traditional coatings, therefore reducing the corresponding labour time and costs to apply them. In addition, the downtime required to apply the Lithium based coatings is minimal, footfall can begin within a very short period, within 15 to 30 minutes after application.



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