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EMI Shielding Products

Euro TBA offer a wide range of EMI Shielding products designed to shield products from electro magnetic interference in a range of applications within the electronics, military, aerospace, and medical industries.

Products include

  • Beryllium Copper (BeCu) finger-strips
  • Stainless Steel finger-strips as an alternative to Beryllium Copper (BeCu)
  • Fabric Over Foam Conductive Gaskets
  • Metal loaded rubbers
  • Moulded, extruded and printed elastomers
  • Knitted and woven wire mesh gaskets
  • EMI shielding windows
  • EMI shielding vents
  • Copper Tapes
  • RF/Microwave/mmWave Components

EMI Shielding Products

Beryllium Copper (BeCu)

TBA Protective Solutions EMI Shielding Finger-strip BeCu gaskets provide maximum spring properties for strength and fatigue resistance plus excellent conductivity and come in a variety of finishes and mounting styles.

BeCu’s (Beryllium Copper) unique material properties make it ideal for EMI Shielding where electro magnetic interference is to be controlled.

Available with numerous plating options, Beryllium Copper has a high cycle time and also conforms to large gap variations.

ECP 697




  • Pressure sensitive mounted gasket, adhesive backed.
  • Available in roll form, 7.6 metres long (25 feet) or cut to length.
  • Also available in Stainless Steel.
  • Standard Width – 8.64mm
  • Flange Width – 4.57mm
  • Height – 1.78mm
  • Finger – 3.81mm
  • Pitch – 4.19mm
  • Standard thickness – 0.08mm thick Low compression version (LC) – 0.05mm thick
  • 25% Compression – 50% Compression 13 kg/m to 33 kg/m LC Style 3 kg/m to 10 kg/m

ECP 658


  • Pressure Sensitive Mounting
  • Finger 8.71mm
  • Pitch 9.53mm
  • Width 19.81mm
  • Height 5.59mm
  • Flange 19.81mm when compressed
  • Thickness 0.09mm
  • Up to 457mm length
  • 25% Compression – 50% Compression 19kg/m to 48kg/m

ECP 644




  • Pressure Sensitive Mounting

  • 4.75mm pitch

  • 4.30mm finger

  • 2.79mm height

  • 8.13mm width

  • 5.33mm flange

  • 0.05mm thickness

  • Up to 406mm length

  • 25% Compression – 50% Compression 21kg/m to 39 kg/m

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Stainless Steel Fingerstrips

Stainless Steel Fingerstrips

Stainless Steel Fingerstrips use Stainless Steel as an economical alternative to beryllium copper (BeCu) finger-strips for EMI shielding applications where high attenuation is not required.

It does not have the electrical conductivity of beryllium copper (BeCu) and is stiffer. Mechanical considerations generally limit the use of stainless steel finger-strips to low profile strips and twisted contacts.

Type 301 Stainless Steel possesses good heat and corrosion resistance.

AISI 301 Analysis

  • C: .15 Max
  • Mn: 2.00 Max
  • Si: .750 Max
  • P: .040 Max
  • S: .030 Max
  • Cr: 16.00/18.00
  • Ni: 6.00/8.00

ECP 624/SS


  • Stainless Steel (301)
  • Up to 7.6m long (25 feet)
  • 42.4mm width
  • 10.4mm height
  • 0.18mm thick
  • 11.68mm finger
  • 12.70mm finger plus pitch
  • 3.6mm dia. rivet hole
  • Strips may be cut to any full finger increment
  • Used for EMI shielding as an alternative to Beryllium copper (BeCu) fingerstrips



  • Stainless Steel (301)

  • Hook and stick on

  • 11.4mm wide

  • 1.5mm height

  • 0.05mm thick

  • 2.54mm finger

  • 3.18 finger plus pitch

  • Up to 406mm length

  • Mounting surface flange 1.5mm max

  • Double adhesive transfer tape

  • Used as an alternative to beryllium copper (BeCu) fingerstrip for EMI shielding

  • For protection against electro magnetic interference

ECP 697/90/SS 90°


  • 4.6mm width

  • 1.8mm height

  • 3.81mm finger

  • 4.19mm finger plus pitch

  • 90 degree angle 4.1mm

  • Up to 610mm lengths

  • Stainless Steel (301)

  • 0.05mm thickness

  • Double adhesive transfer tape

  • Used as an alternative to beryllium copper (BeCu) fingerstrips for EMI shielding

  • Double adhesive transfer tape

  • Used as an alternative to beryllium copper (BeCu) fingerstrip for EMI shielding

  • For protection against electro magnetic interference

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Moulded, Extruded and Printed Conductive Elastomers

A range of conductive elastomer gaskets giving high levels of EMI shielding with effective environmental sealing. The gaskets are based on silicone or Flurosilicone elastomer loaded with a choice of conductive fillers to ensure good galvanic compatibility within the joint.

A wide range of standard extruded profiles and mouldings are available for most common sealing applications.

Custom made gaskets can also be made.


ECP 870 – Carbon

Low cost semi-conductive compound for low level emi shielding/environmental seals. Used in commercial applications – gaskets for electronic/static control devices and flexible electrical contacts.

ECP 871 – Nickel Graphite

Lowest cost metal filled compound – exhibits good electrical and thermal conductivities. It also has very good broadband emi shielding effectiveness particularly at low frequences and has good EMP resistance. Another major use of this grade is in aggressive salt spray environments where corrosion of aluminium flanges is a problem.

ECP 873 – Silver Copper

Offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It exhibits very good broadband EMI shielding effectiveness.

ECP 874 – Silver Glass

Offers excellent high temperature stability and electrical conductivity.

ECP 876 – Silver Aluminium

Low Density, high electrical and thermal conductivities used where weight is a prime consideration.

ECP 879 – Silver Nickel

Offers very good electrical conductivity and thermal stability in arduous environments.


Moulded, Extruded and Printed Conductive Elastomers

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